Select Server Error
Posted by Manuel Alvarez, Last modified by Manuel Alvarez on 21 June 2019 03:05 PM

Database Select may show when the corresponding PG DB SQL service is stopped resulting in the image below being shown.

Windows updates will sometimes stop a background system service necessary for the Profit
Grabber Pro software to function properly. When this happens, please follow these steps to
promptly restore functionality.

on your KEYBOARD, Press and HOLD the windows key, now TAP "R".

In the resulting"run box" to type commands. Erase what's in there, and type, "SERVICES.MSC"

This brings up the services window.

look for the “SQL”section in the services window (alphabetized, usually) and click on SQL Server (PG_DB2)

In the upper left corner, press the blue "START" command.

Close all windows, and launch Profit Grabber Pro. It should now work!

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