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How do you run the Update Manager?
Posted by *Shannon - ProfitGrabber Support* on 13 March 2009 12:04 PM
You can run the Update Manager by simply clicking on its icon. Your ProfitGrabber should be closed during the update process.

The ProfitGrabber Update Manager icon is located on your desktop – it looks almost the same as ProfitGrabber icon but it has two red arrows over it.

You can also start the Update Manager by going to Help menu within ProfitGrabber and selecting “Check for Updates” command. It will ask you to exit ProfitGrabber first.

Once the Update Manager is up make sure that there is a directory set if not click on the Auto find PG Directory Button and it will do it automatically. If there is already one selected then you can click on the “Get Latest Version” Button and it will start the Download of the Updates. On the right hand side of the window you will see “Files To Be Downloaded”. You will see a GREEN smile face next to each file when it’s done downloading them. Once all the files are done Downloading and you can just close the window with the X at the right hand top side.

To manually set PG Directory: Click on the Button “Manually set PG Directory” and it will bring up a small window, browse to ProfitGrabber folder. You will want to click on the plus sign next to My Computer, then the plus sign next to your Local Disk C, then the plus sign next to Program Files, and then click once on the file named ProfitGrabberPro and it will highlight it. Then you can click on OK. It will put the C:\Program Files\ProfitGrabberPro\ in the Directory section.
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