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How do you run COMPS to determine the Fair Market Value of a property?
Posted by *Shannon - ProfitGrabber Support*, Last modified by on 13 March 2009 12:03 PM

In the Contact View section there is a tab that says Evaluate. After selecting a Contact click on the Evaluate tab -Comps and the screen will change to the Comp screen. Type-in your address in the fields located in REQUEST PARAMETERS section.

It is IMPORTANT that you enter the Street # and the Street Name in its own fields, as well as pre-directional's (E, W, S, N) and post-directional's. For example, you will receive an error if you enter “E. Main St.” into the Street Name field – the proper way is to enter just word “Main”.

Once you typed in the address and the Zip (or County/State, NOT BOTH), click on Get Comps. It will give you a message telling you that you will incur a charge. That is normal and it is just a safe reminder message. Click YES and within a few seconds the multiple comparable sales will come back, based on the search criteria you have selected.

If your address is non-existing or mistyped, the message will come up telling you that the subject property is not found.
Sometimes, the search will find multiple properties – you need to select the one you want and the system will bring the Comps (or Property Profile) for it.

If your address does not show up, try an in the same area.

Remember, you are NOT charged unless the search was SUCCESSFUL. You are not charged when Multiple Properties were found.

You can Print the result.

Your data subscription needs to be active, and you need to be connected to the Internet when using the Ultimate Data Source.

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