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What are the steps to create or edit a document template?
Posted by *Shannon - ProfitGrabber Support*, Last modified by on 13 March 2009 11:59 AM

The steps to edit a template are located on Page 102 in the Action Guide.

The text editor used to create new or edit existing Mail/Fax templates is accessed from the Tools menu, by clicking on “Edit Mail / Fax Template” command. Once you select that command, a blank document will open. You can start typing and creating your document. You will use the right-click to insert the merging fields.

In order to open an existing document, right-click anywhere on the blank page and select “Open Mail Merge Template” from the context menu. Navigate to Document Templates folder and select either the “Marketing Templates” folder to edit letters or fax documents; or select “Get Forms Ready Templates” to edit any of the contracts in the system.

Once you are in one of those main folders, you can select the documents you want to edit and open them by clicking on their name.

After you are done editing a document or a letter you will need to right click on the letter and select “Save Mail Merge Template”. It is important that you save the template in its proper location. For example, if you want the letter to appear in the Mail/Fax Wizard as one of the letters listed for easy selection, then you need to save it into the “Letter Templates” folder located in the “Marketing Templates” folder. Note, all the documents saved have .tx extension which is an extension internal to ProfitGrabber system.

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