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Does ProfitGrabber integrate with an answering service?
Posted by *Shannon - ProfitGrabber Support*, Last modified by on 13 March 2009 11:57 AM

Yes, the ProfitGrabber integrates with a few different answering services. Marko has envisioned the ProfitGrabber as a system for total automation. We continuously add and elevate the level of its automation. To get the list of different integrations available to you, go to “ProfitBoosters” menu within ProfitGrabber. When you select “Get A Live Answer”, you will learn about the answering service automation.

The answering service companies are not affiliated with our Turn-key Systems, Inc. You would follow the instructions provided there to set up an account with an answering service yourself. Once that is completed, you will follow the simple integration which requires you to enter your account number which you will receive when you set up your account with them. In less than 2 minutes, you can be fully integrated – the answering service operator will take the call and enter the seller’s answers into a form which will go directly into your ProfitGrabber.

When visiting the “ProfitBoosters” menu, look for a few other cutting-edge integrations to further automate your business and generate more profits.

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