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I need ProfitGrabber installed on two computers, what do I do?
Posted by *Shannon - ProfitGrabber Support*, Last modified by on 13 March 2009 11:31 AM

     We always suggest that you install it on one computer first, and once you start using it you can acquire additional licenses or copies (up to 5 copies).


     The Network Version of ProfitGrabber allows you to "share" data across the two ProfitGrabbers. The shared information includes templates, contacts and Ultimate Data Source credits. In order to use the Network Version, the main ProfitGrabber (stand alone version which you initially purchased) needs to be running and connected to the same network as your client version (network version which you are considering purchasing). If you plan to use ProfitGrabber from different area (i.e. Home and Office), you will need to get what is called a hardware Virtual Private Network (VPN), otherwise (i.e. in the same building) you need to be connected to the same Local Area Network (LAN).


     A software VPN will not work, so don't waste your money on it! Netgear is a good brand for hardware VPNs, they also have a great support team! If you have any issues setting up your VPN, please contact the manufacturer's support team, as we do not have technical support for any of the many different versions of VPNs. Once the computers are connected to the VPN, we can assist you in setting up ProfitGrabber.


     To inquire or purchase an additional license(s) in order for multiple computers to access the ProfitGrabber on the same network, as well as individual extra copies for computers that are not on the same network, please call our sales department at 1-866-598-2030.

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