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What is the Ultimate Data Source?
Posted by *Shannon - ProfitGrabber Support*, Last modified by on 13 March 2009 11:26 AM

     The Ultimate Data Source (UDS) is the special ProfitGrabber feature that allows you access to the largest database of property records in the United States. Subscribing to UDS will enable you to determine the Fair Market Value of any property in matter of seconds. The data subscription gives you the option to pull COMPs and Property Profiles, and, if you get the one year subscription, it will also allow you to match unknown names to street addresses using the Matching Module.


     The Comps search is used to determine the Fair Market Value of a property. Comps gives property data for all sales in up to the last 24 months, a 10 Mi radius and +/- 55% square footage. Each COMPs request costs 22 credits. A single search will return up to 50 comparable sales for the subject property, based on your search criteria.


     Property Profile gives the details on a single property. Each request costs 18 credits. The Property Profile search will return up to 40 data elements for the property you are searching for. Some data elements are: owners names; previous sold price; previous sold date, square footage, lot size, type of the property, use code, zoning info, tax assessed value, tax district, mortgages at the time of transfer, etc.


     The Matching Module (for 1 year subscriptions) allows you to figure out who owns a property, and their updated mailing address. Each request costs 1 credit.


     The Ultimate Data Subscription (UDS) gives you 500 credits per month, which resets every month, so you will never have more than 500 credits. If you run out of credits, you can purchase what are called "TopUps." These TopUps are extra credits which will only be used if you do not have enough credits, and do not expire. They are active as long as your Data Subscription is active. The pricing for those are as follows:


     200 Credits: $20

     400 Credits: $40

     800 Credits: $80

     The UDS subscription is optional, and it is not required to run ProfitGrabber. However, it is highly recommended since it will help you avoid mistakes, or lose opportunities by not having the accurate and immediate knowledge of the property value and its ownership.

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